Transactions can typically take up to a an hour to confirm when the Bitcoin network is not congested, but due to the increasing traffic, transactions are taking longer than usual. In some cases, we have seen transactions take up to 2 days or longer to confirm.

This is problem with the Bitcoin network in general, and affects all wallets equally.

If you are receiving money, there is no way to change the confirmation time, since the person sending the money controls transaction’s priority.

If you are sending money, you can increase your transaction’s priority by paying a higher network fee. Airbitz does not make any money from this, as 100% of the fee goes to the Bitcoin network.

Ultimately, you will need to continue to wait until the transaction is processed and confirmed OR the transaction is dropped by the miners meaning the funds will be back into your account as if it was never spent.

You can set the fee of your outgoing transaction by tapping on the bitcoin denomination on the right hand side of the topmost field on the Slide to Confirm Screen. Here you can set the fee to Low, Standard, or High.

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